As we have mentioned, Earn to Die by Toffee Games has several obstacles blocking you from reaching the helicopter. It will take more than just super-upgrading your car to overcome these challenges, instead, it also takes a bit of maneuvering and skill to efficiently get past all these little problems while using the least amount of gas possible. After all, not matter how big your gas tank is, if you keep wasting your supply, you will eventually run out of fuel well before making it to the goal.


Slopes and Hills – these are the most basic challenges of the game, and also the most plenty. For most folks, the simple solution to playing the game is to keep holding and pressing up to accelerate. What most people do not realize is that there is no point to keep the pedal to the metal. Pressing on gas makes your wheels turn, but if your wheels are not planted on the ground, then you waste gas by making them spin for nothing. Press on the gas once your car has hit solid ground (or is running over a zombie) to ensure that the gas does not go to wait. If you are having trouble keeping the car’s wheels in contact with the ground, you must also use the tilt controls to keep them level. Also, remember that when performing a wheelie, your back wheels are still in contact with the ground, so accelerating then is also advisable.


Zombies – the desert is littered with the undead and while they do not endanger you with their bites, they certainly will waste your gas by getting in your way and slowing you down. At the start of the game, running into a single one will take a notch off your speed, a group of zombies will slow you down big time. Sadly, near the top of most uphill slopes, there will be a group of two to three zombies in the way, which means that aside from the slope already slowing you down, the three zombies will also bring your vehicle’s speed so low that you might as well have stopped. The key here is to not stop moving. You could boost if you have the upgrade but if not, you can opt to just keep pressing the gas. No matter how slow you get, as long as you accelerate, it will be fine. Note that there are actually different kinds of zombies, some are small and hardly get in the way except in small groups. Other zombies are tall and can really be a bother to run over. If you can manage it, try to jump over the zombies if your boost is enough to do so.


Boxes – for some odd reason, someone is stacking boxes out in the desert. It looks quite weird and all, encountering nicely laid out boxes in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, getting past the boxes is not that hard if you have enough speed. The big issue with boxes is when there are several of them together (such as the first pile at the 1000 distance mark). They can also slow you down if a few of them get under your car and you cannot crush the boxes. Fortunately, unlike the zombies, the boxes seem to be placed in more arbitrary areas, allowing you to pick up some speed before charging through. Lastly, be careful as many players have experienced being flipped over when they charged the boxes while performing a wheelie.

We are eagerly anticipating the development of Earn to Die 2 and can’t wait to hear more from Toffee Games on any planned sequel and it’s likely release date.