orchestrated death

Orchestrated Death is a fun game where you play the grim reaper and it is your job to kill several innocent people and make it look like an accident. This of course won’t be easy but with our mini walkthrough to the game you should get the job done!

Miniguide: Chapter One

There is a man sitting behind a desk. On this desk is a gun, a clip of ammunition, a small razor and a desk lamp plugged into the wall outlet. While it may seem that all the necessary items for a quick death are in place, you will need to be a bit more creative –and this sets the pace for the rest of the game really; you will need to employ convoluted methods in order to dispose of your targets. So anyway, let us get on with the task of claiming this unfortunate soul.

First, click on the magazine clip. This will load it up on the gun, and ready the pistol in the right position. Now that the gun is loaded, click on it and it will fire at the ceiling, causing some damage to the roofing which then causes a leak near the wall outlet where the lamp’s plug is located. The gun will be pushed back by the recoil and will land on the floor. If you attempt to get the razor at this point, the man will notice and will place the razor back in its place. You must turn off the light first –you can do this by clicking on the lamp to turn it off or by unplugging the wall outlet. While the room is dark, quickly get the razor and it will drop on the floor, out of sight of the target. Using the razor, you can cut the lamp’s power cord, causing it to short out. This will cause the man to stand and attempt to reconnect the power outlet –however, since the room is dark, he will not see the water and will be electrocuted. The powerful burst of electricity will send him flying to the wall on the left and he will land near the gun, unconscious. Now you can take the gun and shoot the target in the head.

Miniguide: Chapter Two

This next chapter focuses on a cook, or rather, a chef, who is working inside the kitchen. While the situation is not as obvious as the first scenario, the kitchen is truly a place where plenty of accidents can happen. There are many elements here that will come into play, but none in quite the obvious manner that a person could think of.

The first thing you should do here is to open the refrigerator. Opening it will cause the chef to walk over and close it shut –during the chef’s walking animation, quickly press on the basket of fruits on top of the shelf. This will send the basket flying over the work counter and land near the blender. The chef will be completely oblivious to this and will return to working. Once he has his back to the screen once more, press on the basket to send a small round fruit into the blender. The chef will then stick his hand inside the blender for a quick moment to fish out the fruit before he returns to work. Since sticking your hand into the blender is dangerous, the chef does so very quickly (and we suggest that you never do so in real life). Anyway, your goal here is to press on the blender as soon as the chef’s hand is inside –the time is a bit difficult so expect to give this one a couple of tries before you can get it right.

If you do it properly, the chef’s hand will be completely mangled up, causing him to squirm in agony in front of the counter. With all of his attention on his injury, you can now manipulate other items in the room. First, use the pans –click them once to get them in position, and then click them again to beat up the chef. This will make the chef unconscious. Now you must drag the chef down the room and near the stove. Once there, click on the knife to get it ready then click on the chef to raise him off the floor. Once he is up, open the stove door. This lines up the chef for a powerful knife attack –which you make by pressing on the knife that you prepared earlier. The knife will stab the chef in the neck and send him flying into the oven.

Miniguide: Chapter Three

This last puzzle involves having two target victims in a single puzzle. Fortunately, the situation is to your advantage. As you may notice, the two men are in a boat on a swamp, fishing. They are both hillbillies and are rather violent types, so you can easily use this to your advantage when you try to kill them later on. Since there are so many things about being on a boat and the swamp that is dangerous, killing off these two can be pretty fun.

The first thing you should take note of is the set of keys on the belt of the guy on the left. These keys will open up the toolbox between the two men. If you try to get the keys, the man will notice, so you need to distract him first. Do this by clicking on the fishing line. Thinking that has gotten a bite, the man will try to reel it in, placing all his attention on the fishing rod. Take this opportunity to steal the keys and open up the toolbox. The box will open up and you will be able to get a knife. Since both men have their backs turned to each other, you can get to work without much interference at this point.

Use the knife to cut the man on the left, he will not die from the injury, instead, he will get annoyed and blame the other guy for it. The two will then engage in a furious fistfight that has no obvious winner. With that said, it is time to tilt the balance in your favor, as the guy on the right is getting punched, click on him to prevent him from punching back, he will lose the fight and get knocked off the boat. Sadly, the man is not dead yet, he will be floating on the water. To finish him off, click on the motor of the boat to turn it on (hard to notice, it is on the right side of the boat, near the water). This will cause the motors to turn and slice up the guy who fell. For the remaining person will lean over the water to see the horrifying accident. At this point, click on the water snake on the lower right corner of the screen to send it into the water. Then click on the man’s face, this will cause the snake to jump up, bite him and send him hurtling into the river.

Play Orchestrated Death now at Armor Games and see if you can claim the lifes of all the innocent people. If you like this sort of game then we would recommend heading on over to Death Games where there are plenty more gruesome games for you to play involving death including some really good zombie titles.