Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst

In Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst, you take a break from the usual petty crime solving; you will instead embark on a mystery thriller ride in the scenic English countryside. In this game, you have to solve the mystery of Ravenhearst manor.

In trying to solve the mystery, you will explore and scour different rooms in the Ravenhearst manor searching for clues and objects that can assist you in piecing Emma’s diary together, which holds the key to the dark secrets of the manor.

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst is different from the previous games, as it adds many mini games that you have to complete. Instead of going from one location to the next continuously, you will find that many of the rooms are locked, and you need to solve a mini-game to get the key and open the room. Each mini game is different throughout the story mode, which makes this game fascinating and challenging.

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This game differs from the rest with its sometimes spooky game play, therefore, if you have young children that want to play the series of games, then I would advise that an adult plays the game previous to ensure your children will not be frightened.

In this game, you will also enjoy the shock ending which is almost movie like, and I believe is the best ending across the series of games.

Parlour Lock

The wooden discs must be placed in the spaces around the circle.

The left side of the circle represents light and sun; place all items pertaining to sun and light on that side. (Hat, Sun, Sundial, Sunglasses, Umbrella, and Sunflower)

The right side of the screen represents night and darkness; place all the items that connect with those aspects on the right side. (Flashlight, Bat, Moon, Saturn, and Star)

Switch the light switches on the sides of the game board. The door will now be unlocked.


Servant’s Quarters Lock

Flip open the valve on the Bunsen burner.

Click on the paper in the upper right-hand area of the screen. It will fall to reveal “9:30.”

Set the clock next to Bunsen burner to 9:30.

Click the bottle opener and drag it over to the purple bottle.

Open the bottle and turn the red wheel until the bottle is upside-down and pouring out.

Click on the car to make it go. It will produce a spark which will, in turn, light the Bunsen burner.

The liquid will flow through a tube into the bathtub.

Click on the air pump to blow up the balloon, and set it afloat.

The balloon will pop when it meets the scissors and reveal a knob.

Turn the knob to release hot steam that will melt the lock and open your door.


Guest’s Bathroom Lock

Click on the tarot card to reveal a button marked with a “z.” Click this button.

Locate the fisherman and fish.

Click on the fisherman’s button (blue) and when his rod is lowering, click on the fish’s button (green) to make the fish bite the hook. This may take a few tries to time correctly.

Drop the fish in the grinder and turn the switch so the fish grinds and reveals a fishbone slot on the slot machine.

Locate the chalk board. Play tic-tac-toe against the computer. You must win to reveal a lever. Keep playing until you beat the computer.

Pull this lever to play the slot machine. Continue playing the slot until you come up with two fish, creating a triple with the fishbone you already had.

You will win a coin. Use this coin to play the fortune teller machine.

The reward will be a key drawn on a scrap of paper.

Take the key to the door and you will be able to unlock it.


Music Room Lock

Locate the red button. Press it to reveal three dice.

Click on each die to light the bars above it the same number as the die itself. (A 5 die would require all 5 bars being lit; a 2 would require only 2, and so on.)

When you have all three correct, the bellows will inflate a small amount.

You will also earn a coin. Place the coin into to elephant’s mouth.

The dice will have reset and will now be three new numbers. Repeat the clicking to light up the bars with these three and fill up the bellows a small amount more.

You will receive your next coin to place in the elephant’s mouth.

Repeat once more the dice, bellows, and coin sequence.

Distress the bellows so that they play the horn, releasing three music notes on the sheet music below.

Click on the keyboard at the top of the screen to play the three notes and unlock the door.


Surveillance Room Lock

Locate the black wire and rejoin the two cut ends.

Click on the switch to turn on the electronic device.

Turn on the T.V. by clicking on the orange power button.

Using the pliers, adjust the antenna and the knobs until you get a picture of some numerals.

Use the typewriter to type out that list of numbers. This will release the caged fly.

Click on the fly to make it fly into the mouth of the Venus Fly Trap plant.

Click on the plant to make it eat the fly and to unlock the door.


Library Lock

Make the large clock match the time of the seven smaller clocks on the screen, one at a time.

Each time you match a small clock’s time, click the red button and a slot at the bottom of the screen will depict a new object.

Each object will have a second half of its pair scattered around the screen.

Place the second object in the slot behind the first item.

The pairs are:

Angel Devil
Female Symbol Male Symbol
Fire Icicle
Girl in Photograph Boy in Photograph
Moon Sun
Rabbit Tortoise
Salt Pepper Grinder

Now use the numbers depicted on the resulting closed doors to solve the keypad combination.

Key those into the keypad in the order they are found and you will unlock the door.


Attic Lock

Looking at the four slots in the lower area of the screen, you will see roman numerals depicted.

Click on each of the four objects below the Roman numerals. (A snake, doll’s hand, dagger, and arrow.)

Click them until they rotate enough to reveal a letter behind the numerals.

Locating the toy blocks on the shelf, rotate each one to match the orientation of the letter that was revealed. (I.e. if the N is rotated clockwise, rotate the N block to match that.)

The green “WC” light will now turn on.

Click on the toilet seat to put it down and you will discover the flusher.

Flush the flusher and you will see the pictured yodeller climb up the mountain partially.

Each time you flush, he will move up more.

Once he is at the top, the hammer will fall onto the baby doll’s head and crack it open to reveal a key.

Open the door and move on!


Storage Room

Click the piece of paper labelled “1.” You will see a man laying an egg.

Rotate the “3” slot to the playing card is a spade.

Click the “2” (2 Day Sale) to reveal the “cents” sign.

Click on the slot machine in the upper right-hand corner.

Click the slots until they appear in this order: egg, cents sign, and spade.

A mouse will come out of the box.

Click on the note “Feed Me” to find a mouse hole behind it.

Click the cupboard to open it and find a can opener.

Use the can opener to open the can.

Turn the can over by double clicking on it.

Turn the magnet around so that it is aimed at the can’s lid. The lid will then open.

Click the half-out food to make it fall all the way out.

Click on the cat. This will make the mouse come out.

Click on the mouse and he will run the wheel.

The door will now unlock.


Shed Lock

This puzzle is all about the flies.

Click on the tin can that is turquoise coloured. A fly will emerge.

Use the fly to close one of the electrical currents.

Now, click on the yellow bottle to release the next fly.

Place the fly within a current to complete the current.

Click on the yellow tin can. A fly will emerge.

Place this fly in another electrical current.

Once each fly is in place, the horse racing game will be up and running.

Click the red button in the centre of the combination lock until the pointer hits the 35.

You will now see a piggy bank descend which you shall now click on.

You will receive a coin for your efforts.

Take the coin to the pay-slot for the horse race game.

Click on the like-coloured button to bet on a horse and click the lever to start the race.

Continue betting and playing the game until the horse you pick wins. (Hint: It is best to keep choosing the same colour horse until it wins because the game is randomized.)

When the horse you choose wins, the lock will break and you will be able to open the door.


Cellar Lock

You must make all the lights turn on in the grid.

Click the upper right-hand light bulb.

Click the bottom right-hand corner light bulb.

Click the lower left-hand corner light bulb.

Now notice a line of four diagonally placed “off” lights heading to the bottom right corner.

Click the lights from the uppermost to bottom most of these four.

Your grid will now be 100% lit and the green light bulb will light.

Turn the crank to receive a green battery.

Place this battery in the green battery spot.

You will now have to redo the whole light grid.

Click each corner.

Click the centre light.

You will have completed the grid. Turn the crank to receive a red battery.

Place the red battery in the red battery space.

The grid will reset.

Click the centre light on each outer edge.

Click the centre light. You must now turn the crank.

You will receive a yellow battery to go in the yellow battery slot.

The grid has reset. Click the centre light.

Click the light directly below that one.

Turn the crank to receive a purple battery to place in its spot.

On the reset grid, click each of the four corners.

Now click each of the unlit bulbs diagonal to the corner bulb you have just turned on.

Turn the crank to earn a turquoise battery for the turquoise battery spot.

You now have all of the batteries and may turn on the T.V. set.

You must play each of the three video games, each on their own respective channel, until you reach a score of zero. (Counting down from the beginning score)

Use the black handle on the right to control your moves.

When you beat all three games, you will see the words “Game Over” before a key will appear on the screen.

Take the key and unlock the door.


Greenhouse Lock

You will find eight biology class-style photos of the life cycle of a frog.

Use the green buttons to arrange the lifecycle in the correct order from youngest to oldest.

The order is: 4,8,6,1,7,3,5,2.

Once you have successfully completed this order, you will earn a roll of duct tape.

Turn on the water so that it drips by twice clicking on the water pump switch in the lower left-hand corner.

Drag a piece of your newly-acquired tape to the leak.

Click on the switch below the centre flower pot to turn the colour yellow.

Click the switch below the right-hand side flower pot to turn the colour blue.

Rotate the dial on the pump to make it reach out to the flower pots.

Click on the dial by the plant food bottle (green) and the pump lever (red) to feed the plant.

Repeat similar actions with the blue water dial.

You will have grown a flower in each pot.

Taking notice of the pictures on the wall, pluck the flowers to match the photos.

You will receive a key when you have done this correctly.


Nursery Lock

Click the button on the lower right-hand corner.

You will view photos flashing in a sequence.

Choose the correct objects that were flashing and place them in the grid below.

You will play this three times.

You may write down the objects if you get too flustered to recall them.

Once finished, you will be presented with five slips of paper.

Click the corresponding objects on your slips to the ones in the machine,

You have completed the puzzle.


Guest Quarters Lock

Look for the apple. You will notice a battery next to it.

Take the battery to the repository in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

Turn the pistol to aim at the apple.

The pistol will now go off and you the apple will break open, revealing a slip of paper containing a series of symbols.

In the upper right-hand corner, locate the keys and type the symbols out with them.

Press the green button to release a boot from behind the chicken.

Turn on the toaster. When the toast is done, it will have the number 3 ½ burnt into it.

Locate 3 ½ inches on the ruler and drag the arrow to that spot.

Press the red button. Three bottles will lower down.

Beside three bottles are two handles. The top handle moves the bottles left and right and the bottom handle tips them over to pour out their contents.

You must now drop the following formula into the mixer:

Diamond Bottle- 2 pours

Spades Bottle- 3 pours

Moon Bottle- 2 pours

Now you must turn on the mixer to make chicken feed.

Kick the chicken by using the crank to cause the boot to kick out.

The chicken will then eat and lay an egg.

Drop the next formula into the mixer:

Diamond Jar- 1 pour

Spades Jar- 1 pour

Moon Jar- 2 pours

You will now notice four coloured eggs inside the carton.

Using the dials on your right-hand side, adjust the windows’ colours to match the eggs.

Click the lever on your right and you will be able to move on.


Workshop Lock

Solve the slide puzzle to make the battery end up in the receiver below the puzzle.

Using the switch on the left, turn on the fan.

Click the white button on the fan twice to make the fan face downwards.

Click the “03.” You will find a red button.

Click the red button to set off a chain reaction that will end in revealing another battery.

Click on the battery and drag it to the spot marked “+/-” next to the guitar.

Click the left hand knob of the voltage meter to point to 8, make the right hand knob point to 3.

Drag the guitar pick across the guitar strings to play a chord, making the mechanical monkey jump.

Click on the card that has just been revealed where the monkey was and drag it to the card reader to swipe.

You will be able to open the door, now.


Final Lock

Take note of the symbols that are on the keys and the corresponding symbols carved into the door.

One by one, place each key in the centre-top panel of the door to reveal a letter.

Each time the letter appears, click on the red button next to the door symbol that matches that particular key’s symbol. The button will turn green.

A dial/combination lock will rotate each time you do this pattern.

Repeat the pattern until you have spelled the entire word to unlock the door.


The folks over at Big Fish Games certainly do have a knack for making gamers giggle amidst a horrifying mystery tale and Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst is clearly true to form. Not only will gamers find themselves chuckling (or screaming) about the shrewd and downright odd-ball puzzles that control the door locks, they also may wonder about some of the hidden objects. One such instance had this gamer wondering why she was searching for a feather duster in a cobweb-filled room. Why not use the duster, on that thought; it is perfectly understandable to find food on the ceiling. Naturally, I have left many a food items on the ceiling of my drawing room, but I digress. If nothing else, players will gain greater vocabulary and knowledge of things in the world around them. For example, perhaps you did not know what a chestnut looked like until this game, but, alas, it is a spiky round pod. So now you know. Before playing this game I must confess, a nautilus was not something I had known too much about. I heard the name, but had I any clue what it looked like? Not a chance! Yet again, now I do. All of these silly moments and more are just another bit of evidence that somebody over at Big Fish Games has managed to not take themselves too seriously. How refreshing.

Big Fish Games has made this third instalment in the Mystery Case Files franchise with variety in mind and has succeeded in making it anything but the norm. The game can be played in Detective Mode or Relaxed Mode. The relaxed mode is fairly similar to Detective mode except the timer is much more generous. This is nice for those that may tend to get a tad too flustered over a computer game (yours truly, included!). The sound in the game is pleasantly creepy with creaking floorboards and spooky music, but do not despair if canned background noise is not your thing. The options menu allows the player to choose the ratio of noise. There is a volume bar for sound effects, background music, and background noises. The game can be played in full screen or partial screen (which makes this little walk through a great page to have up in your browser while you play in partial screen mode).

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst sets itself apart from other games with its captivating puzzles, lovely graphics, and spooky storyline. In keeping with the magnificent re-play quality of the franchise, Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst can be replayed again and again, because every time you play, the list of hidden items becomes randomized and you get to try your hand at more searches without feeling too much déjà vu. Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst will bring hours, or even days, of fun to anyone seeking a little bit of cerebral challenge. Enjoy a quiet, dark, stormy night alone in the Ravenhearst Manor, and you will be dying for more!

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