Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects

The hotly anticipated sequel to the best-selling Mystery Case Files: Huntsville, this game does not disappoint. Continuing the tradition in the series, you remain in the role of the master detective. However, after making it big in the old village, you move on up through the ranks and are sent to the Capital Town.

Things turn sour when the largest diamond in the world, 'the World's Hope,' has been stolen while being displayed in the city Plaza. It is your jobs to capture the thief/s and return the world's largest diamond.

There is a whole new set of games in Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects as well. Instead of the usual location-to-location search, there are now hidden locations that you have to unravel. The only way you access these hidden locations is to find items that are hidden among other clues, which is not easy, and this is where Prime Suspects differs from Huntsville.

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