Your journey as a master detective on the Mystery Case Files games continues as you soon learn that you have been hired by a carnival owner, by the name of Madame Fate. Apparently, she has witnessed her own death in the future and asks you prevent it from happening, by catching the murderer before it is too late.

The main part of this games game play involves you searching every part of the carnival. What sets it apart from other games in the series; is you have the ability to interview people. The twist being, before you can interview them, you must solve a puzzle, which range from hangman style word puzzles, to rearranging anagram like puzzles. Solve the puzzles, and you will get to meet the employee and interview them.

Once you have obtained all the related clues and objects, Madame Fate will then utilize her crystal ball to unveil the future. This will take you to another set of mini games, which require a lot of out of the box solutions. So you do have to use your imagination well to solve the puzzles.

This is one of the harder games in the series; therefore, if you have not played any of the other games, then I would recommend it before playing this game.