Fresh off the case at Ravenhearst Manor, the Mystery Case Files gang fling themselves right back in the action, as players find themselves along a snowy, rural road near Blackpool, England. Stalled in a snowstorm, players find themselves alone and without resources on this country lane. Upon investigation of a nearby abandoned car, players find a video camera and tape documenting the beginning of a journey of four graduate students, who are trying to prove that an old Celtic legend about a Banshee surrounding area of Dire Grove. Where have the students gone? Why have they abandoned their car in such a hurry?


The Case


“Susan, is that you? Susan? I’m scattering these tapes to increase our chances of being found. The legend is real. This is not a stunt. I’m a graduate student. My name’s Alison Sterling and I come from Strayer University. Susan? Is that you? Susan, is that you? Leave me alone, leave me alone! No! “


Four graduate students go missing while travelling near rural Blackpool, England. Through investigation of the local Dire Grove Manor, players will find clues to the whereabouts of the students and learn much more about the findings that these students have come across. Finding each student in the surrounding area in suspended animation reveals that a spell must be broken to save these kids from the Banshee, who, through the entranced students threatens come back to life. Thanks to a number of video tapes strewn about the grounds of the hotel and the surrounding areas, players will learn vital information that the students have uncovered. Using this information, you must solve puzzles, seek extra clues, attain useful objects, and decipher the relics of the ancient Celtic world.


Game Play


This Big Fish Games instalment is nonlinear, meaning tasks are not numbered or set in an order, but there are tasks that will be impossible without proper items, this will require some intelligent thinking on the player’s part. Though most of the tasks in the game may be completed in any order, the following walk through will help any amateur be a success in Dire Grove.


Some items in the game that you can click on are not vital to the storyline or the game play but are fun objects to look at, make move, animate, etc… There are also puzzles throughout the game that can be skipped, if the player finds them too difficult. However, the final puzzle in the Ruins is not even though it is quite tricky. The solution is contained in the walk through below.


When an area of the screen glimmers, or sparkles, this indicates that a hidden object game is located there. Hidden object games are timed games where the screen will depict an area overrun with items. The cluttered mess will be hiding, 12 items to be found. Clicking on the item as you find it crosses it off a list on the bottom of the screen and you can proceed to the rest of the items on the list. Hints are allowed and a hint clock will count-down between hints, so the player knows when they will be allowed their next hint. Wrong clicks, I.E. clicks that are not made on items on the list, are penalized on the timer. Completing a hidden object game will reward players with a valuable item for their inventory.


Each item that you pick up will be added to your inventory, and any small tasks is listed in non-bold italic. The main areas you will be travelling to will be listed in bold letters, while the ancient relics you must find are shown in bold and italic letters.


Game Walkthrough


Welcome to Dire Grove


You find yourself on a dark, deserted, snowy, road with a broken down vehicle and no way to call for help. In the distance is an abandoned car.


Video Cassettes


Approach the car, to investigate what is inside. You will find a strange note and a video camera in this car. There is a tape in the camera. Using the “Crime Computer” in the lower right-hand of the computer screen, you can view this video tape.




After viewing the video, you then open the locked glove box. The combination is four characters, and there are two others (M6) carved into the glove box door. This M6 is also seen on the license plate of the abandoned car: JXH2M6. When JXH2 are entered, the glove compartment unlocks to reveal a trunk key. Inside the trunk is a hidden object puzzle with twelve items to uncover. When you have finished finding all twelve, a carjack is added to your inventory.


On the Grounds


Room Key


Make your way down the lane by following the footprints in the snow. You will shortly come across the Dire Grove Hotel.


You will find an ID card by the entrance to the hotel. The ID card belongs to one of the missing students, Alison.


Enter the hotel


Play a hidden object game located at the check-in desk. Once the twelve objects are found, you will add a room key to your inventory.




Proceed into a large sitting room, where you will perform one more hidden object game the reward for this hidden object game is a hammer.


Snow Shovel


Head up the stairs and you will come across another hidden object game at a hallway table. After completion of this, you will receive a snow shovel for your efforts.


Generator Instructions


Using your inventoried room key, enter the room on the right; this room will now be known as the Nautical Room. Unlock the chest at the foot of the bed by solving a word puzzle. You will find an instruction sheet within the chest. The instructions are for the generator.




Head back out into the hallway and into the room across from this one. This room is the Pink Room.


The bed is a hidden object game. Click on it and solve the hidden object puzzle, finding twelve items, and earning a mattress for your inventory.




Head back downstairs to the lobby.


Behind the check-in desk will be another hidden object game. The reward for finding all twelve items will be a handful of nails.


Garage Door Opener


Head back outside to the hotel’s grounds and make your way to the rear of the building.


There is a small fountain near the generator and a garage door opener beneath it.


Using the snow shovel you retrieved indoors dislodge the garage door opener and add it to your inventory.




Make your way to the garage.


Use the opener to open the door and reveal another hidden object game. You will earn a sledgehammer for your expert seeking skills.




Look for a valve hanging from the rafters.


Swing the hanging hook nearby to knock it down and put it in your inventory.


The Leak


Return to the hotel and make your way upstairs to the bathroom.


Using your sledgehammer, you can break through the already crumbling bathroom floor and create a hole. This will cause a pipe to burst, and you will need to find a way to stop the leak before continuing.




Return to the garage, where you will be presented a new hidden object game, this time with a crowbar as the prize.


Make your way to the manhole outside the garage.


Use your newly acquired crowbar to open the lid and click the valve to shut off the water.


Return to the bathroom and place your inventoried mattress over the hole. Kick it a few times and it will fall through to the manager’s office.


Hop down into the manager’s office.


Boathouse Key


Complete a hidden object game at the top desk to receive a key.


Mobile Phone Charger


Return to the sitting room and play the hidden object game within. You will receive a phone charger.




Make your way back upstairs and enter the Pink Room. The hidden object game will, yet again, be the bed. Your reward for completion is a saw.


Head back outside to the grounds and find your way to the boathouse.


Small Board


The key from the manager’s office will unlock the boathouse, here you will find a hidden object game that will produce a small board for your inventory.


Using the small board, you will then replace the missing rung on the tree next to the hotel. You will need you hammer and nails from the inventory, as well.


Scrap of Paper


You must then climb the tree in an attempt to retrieve a scrap of paper that is lodged in its branches.


Using the saw, cut down the branch on which the note is lying, climb back down, and pick up the scrap.




Return to the hotel and enter the manager’s office to complete a hidden object game. You will inventory a lighter from this game.


Safe Code


Head back upstairs and make your way to the library, where you will see a mirror with a scrap of paper stuck to it.


Read the paper to learn a four-number code.


Toolbox Key


Returning to the manager’s office, you will find a safe hidden behind a painting.


Use the code to unlock the safe and retrieve a key from inside.


Wire Cutters


Return back outside to the garage.


Find the toolbox on the shelf and unlock it using the key from the manager’s office.


Retrieve a pair of wire cutters from the toolbox.




Make your way back inside and upstairs to the Nautical Room.


You will find an electrical outlet below the framed picture.


Plug the mobile phone charger into the outlet.


Locate the oars above the bed.


Clip the ropes securing the oars, using the wire cutters.


Inventory the Oars for a later time.




Return to the boathouse and perform a hidden object task.


You will receive an urn for your inventory.


Room Key


Use the oars to paddle the boat out onto the lake.


Retrieve the room key from the frozen waters.


Fisherman’s Relic


Continue rowing the boat to the Fisherman’s Shack.


Inside, you will find a sleeping student holding an artefact. Click on the item to view it.


Solve the puzzle of the relic to receive the Fisherman’s Relic for your inventory.




Using the room key you found on the ice, make your way back to the hotel and let yourself into the locked guest room on the second floor. This is Alison’s Room (the missing girl).


Pick up the note you find on the floor.


Proceed out the window into the graveyard, where you will find another hidden object game.


Receive a rope for your inventory and use it to climb back into the hotel room from whence you just came.


The Town


Leave through the front doors to the grounds.


Past the fountain, you will find yourself at an old covered bridge.


Cross the bridge using your rope to swing across the large, gaping hole.


Continue onto the crossroads.


Veer right, towards the statue, and make your way to the Town.


Ice Pick


Enter the grocery store. You will find another hidden objects task to complete.


You will find an ice pick to add to your inventory.




Continue on to the back of the shop, here you will find a store room.


Open the cabinet on the right and find an axe for you to pick up.


Snow Shoes


Follow your course to the door in the far right corner of the room.


Make your way downstairs to the basement and find the grate near the stairs. You will discover snow shoes behind it.


Use the car jack to raise the bars and take the snow shoes with you.




You will find a hidden object puzzle in the large freezer.


Take the frozen meat you receive with you back upstairs.


You will find a microwave in the store room.


Place the frozen meat in the microwave and push the green button.


Take the resulting thawed meat with you.


The Woods


Make your way back to the woods just outside the hotel.


Find a pile of logs and, using your axe, chop the logs into wood.


Take the wood with you.


Lock De-icer


Return to the hotel and the locked second floor room.


Let yourself out the window and into the graveyard.


Complete the hidden object game to receive a lock deicer for your inventory.


The Wolf


Travel through the graveyard until you come to a split tree between two roads.


Use your meat to pacify the wolf that is waiting in the tree.


Choose the left path.




Make your way to the frozen banks of the river.


Use your ice pick to crack through the ice and retrieve the feather.


Bolt Cutters


Return to the split tree and take the right-side road now.


Find yourself at a hunting lodge.


Enter the lodge and complete the hidden object game to gain bolt cutters for your stash.


Hunter’s Relic


Locate the iced-over door on the right-hand side.


Chip away the ice from the handle using the ice pick, then pass through the door.


Locate the sleeping girl in the bathtub. She is holding a relic.


Solve the relic’s puzzle to receive the Hunter’s Relic for your inventory.


The Museum


Make your way back to the graveyard, back up the rope, back out of the hotel, and back across the bridge to the town.


Find the Dire Grove Historical Museum across the street from the grocery store.


Cut through the chains with your bolt cutters and enter the Museum.


Fire Extinguisher


Enter the main room of the Museum and find the fire extinguisher.


Using your hammer, break the glass which has the fire extinguisher in it, and add it to your items.




After retrieving the fire extinguisher, veer left into the Gift Shop.


Locate the hidden object game at the cash register.


Receive a coin for your inventory.


Ice Scraper


Return back to the main room of the Museum and make your way up the stairs.


Play the hidden object game at the top of the stairs to receive an ice scraper.


Film Reel


Head down the upstairs hall to the Museum’s office.


Once inside, complete a hidden object puzzle for a film reel for you to inventory.


The Electrical Box


Exit through the office’s window.


Scrape the ledge with the ice scraper to remove the slippery ice before heading out.


Open the electrical box that you will find out on the ledge.


Solve the puzzle by connecting the wires properly until you successfully shut of the power.


Metal Tongs


Go back inside through the window.


Return to the hallway at the top of the stairs.


Play the hidden object game there for a pair of metal tongs.


The Blacksmith’s Room


Head back downstairs and locate the locked door.


Next to the door will be a puzzle to complete.


Solving the puzzle will unlock the door to the Blacksmith’s Room.


The Blacksmith’s Relic


Upon entering the Blacksmith’s Room, you will see a student seated in the alcove on the right side of the room.


Click on the relic on his lap and find the puzzle to be completed.


Upon completion, receive the Blacksmith’s Relic.


The Farm


Leave the town and make your way back to the crossroads.


Choose the path on the left, which is now safe due to the power being switched off.


Silver Key


Follow the path until you get to the cottage.


Enter the cottage and find the hidden objects area on the right.


Play the game to receive a silver key.


Fallen Beam


Leave the cottage and head to the barn.


To unlock the barn door, you must use the lock dicer and then the silver key.


Enter the barn and climb the ladder into the loft.


Once in the loft, find the hidden object game and play to receive a fallen beam.




Exit the barn and find your way back to the cottage.


Inside the cottage will be another hidden object game.


Complete the game and take the coin you receive with you.




Use your fallen beam to build a bridge across the caved-in floor of the cottage.


Pass over to the other side of the cottage and enter the next room.


You will see a wrench inside a drawer. Take the wrench with you.




Clicking on the pile of snow at the far end of the room will reveal a second story to the room.


Return to the barn and retrieve the ladder.


The Farmer’s Relic


Return to where you just came from and use the ladder to climb to the second floor.


Find Alison hanging from the ceiling and click on her. She is holding a relic.


Solve the relic’s puzzle to earn The Farmer’s Relic.


Spark Plug


Exit the cottage to find the lawnmower.


Use your wrench to loosen the spark plug and take it with you.


Back to the Hotel


Power up the Hotel


Make the journey back to the hotel and find yourself to the generator.


Follow these steps to restore power to the hotel (note-these steps are listed on the “Generator Instructions” in your inventory):


Insert the spark plug


Flip the power switch


Put the selector button to the “up” position


Hit the primer button four times


Hit the throttle lever twice


Pull the ignition cord three times




Find your way back to the locked second floor room and out the window to the graveyard.


Zoom in to see the bars on the right-hand side.


Using your metal tongs, retrieve one more coin from behind bars.


The Hunting Lodge


Return to the hunting lodge via the split tree.


Find the hidden object game above the fireplace.


Receive potato chips as your reward for completing the task.


Town Centre


Travel back to the town via the graveyard, the hotel, the bridge, and the crossroads.




Find the vending machine in front of the grocery store.


Using the three coins you have gathered, purchase seeds from the vending machine and add them to your inventory.




Enter the grocery store and find the hidden objects.


Your reward will be a can of kerosene. Take this with you.


Uber Glue


Make your way to the back of the store and down the stairs to the basement.


Find a hidden objects challenge in the freezer and take the Uber Glue with you.


Hunting Lodge


Make a trek back to the hunting lodge (crossroads, bridge, hotel, graveyard, split tree, lodge).


Once inside, find the lantern.


Fill the lantern with your kerosene and add the filled lantern to your inventory.


The Farm


Return to the farm (split tree, graveyard, hotel, bridge, crossroads, and farm).


Mobile Phone


Make your way into the cottage, cross the beam and enter the back room.


Find a gap in the floorboards and shine your lantern down into it.


Find the mobile phone in the hole and pick it up.


The Dire Groves Hotel


Make your trek back to the hotel.


Find your way into the manager’s office and down the stairs to the basement.


Salt and Piece of Hose


Find salt on the shelves and a hose on the wall.


Cut a length of hose off with the wire cutters and add the salt and hose to your inventory.


Acetylene Torch


Below the shelf, you will find a broken acetylene torch.


Using your length of hose and Uber glue, repair the torch and inventory it.




Return to the main room of the hotel.


Locate the fireplace and light a fire in it using your lighter and your wood pieces.


Use your fires extinguisher to put out the fire.


Collect the resulting ashes in your urn.


Alison’s Suitcase Combination


Go upstairs to the Nautical Room and locate the phone charger (you plugged it in here earlier).


Plug the mobile phone into the charger.


Click on the phone’s screen to reveal a puzzle. Complete the puzzle to retrieve a message.


The last four digits of Alison’s phone number are the combination for her suitcase. Make a mental note of them.


Runes Paper


Head back to Alison’s Room and locate her suitcase, using the aforementioned code to open it.


Collect the slip of paper inside with codes to deciphering runes on it


Archaeologist’s Tent


Exit the hotel and find your way past the cottage.


Finding yourself at a snow-covered bridge, use your acetylene torch to melt the snow away from your path.


Glass Vial


Enter the Archaeologist’s tent on the left. There will be a hidden object area contained within.


Inventory the glass vial from your game.




Locate the tape player on a table.


Use your tape reel to repair it and you will receive the transcript of the recording for your inventory.


The Dire Groves Hotel


Return to the hotel entrance and locate the thermometer.


Break the thermometer with your hammer.


Use your glass vial to collect the mercury and add the mercury-filled vial to your inventory.


The Ruins


Return to the Archaeologist’s tent and proceed past it.


You will find yourself at the Ruins.


Solve the puzzle at the Ruins.


HINT: The solution to the puzzle is contained in your Crime Computer. Over four of the tiles representing the crime tapes is a shape; this shape corresponds to the puzzle and should be placed in the same slot as it is in the Crime Computer.


Missing Ladder


When the puzzle is complete, a hidden tunnel will open up.


Ahead of you in the tunnel is a hole, where you will need to use a ladder to descend.


Return to the cottage where you have left the ladder.


You will find the ladder and Alison missing.


Return back to the tunnel, where the ladder will have turned up.


Follow the tunnel until you find the four students circled around a glowing orb.


Enter the orb.


The Five Altars


You will find yourself faced by five rooms.


Each room houses a stone altar.




Enter the first room to your left.


Solve the riddle: I gather dust and make arrows fly true before jotting it down in a letter to you.


Using the page from Alison’s suitcase, translate the word “Feather” into Gaelic and place those letters on the altar.


Choose your feather from your inventory and place it on the altar.




Proceed to the next room going left to right.


Solve this riddle: A grain of hope and the reaper’s toil my body sends life through the rock and soil.


Translate the word “Seeds” onto the altar.


Place your packet of seeds on the altar.




Find the next room on the left.


Solve the riddle: I am what’s left when water dries from the sweat of your brow to the tears in your eyes.


Translate the word “Salt” onto the altar.


Place your salt on the altar.




Enter the fourth room.


Solve the riddle: All life’s variances of form, mass, and hue soon wither to me ‘neath the grate and the floo.


Translate the word “Ashes” onto the altar.


Place the urn of ashes on the altar.


Mercury-filled Vial


Make your way into the final room.


Solve the riddle: Messenger god of trade and exchange, my size relies on the brightest star’s range.


Translate the word “Mercury” onto the altar.


Place the vial of mercury on the altar.


The End (Final scene)


Reporter: Can you tell us the name of the “good Samaritan“who helped you?


Student: I was asked not to give a name, but I can show you his business card. (Holding up the Mystery Case Files business card)


Extra: Special Edition- Golden Felix


There is an extra game contained in the Special Edition of Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove. This game follows back through the hotel, the grocery store, a secret room, and back to the hotel. When you complete all the tasks in this final hunt, you will be faced with a riddle. The riddle and its solution are below:


The President’s address (1600)


Multiplied by the square root of 9 (3)


Added to the number of yards in a mile (1760)


Added to the year the King left the building (1977)


Subtracted by Pac Man ghosts (4)


Added to decimal translation of the binary number 101011101011 (2795)


Multiplied by Felix’s Address (333)


Subtracted by California Police Penal Code for Murder (187)


Added to Columbus sailed the ocean blue (1492)


Multiplied by letters in Rachael Ray’s middle name (8)


Subtracted by the height of the Space Needle in feet (605)


Added to Shaq’s shoe size (23)


Subtracted by Alison’s area code (206)


Divided by the atomic number of Silicon (14)


Your answer will be 2,156,246 or 215-6246. This number must be dialled on the phone back at the hotel. The recording from that phone number will be:


Well, hello again detective, nice of you to drop by. I would have stuck around for a chat, but the weather seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Feel free to make yourself at home, but I would not dally if I were you. The man with the inky bird has been extremely busy in the dark. There is something he would like to show you. Clicky, Clicky detective. I would not want to spoil the surprise.


Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove Summary

Hidden object fans will rejoice in a different way to test their searching skills, while mystery fans will love the very involved cases at hand. The supernatural element adds a fun, creepy, and spine-tingling aspect to a game franchise that never seems to run out of terrific ideas. You may not be travelling to deserted, snowy, old villages anytime soon, and that may be in part to the extremely chilling tale of Dire Grove, but you will enjoy hours of clicking at home… With all the lights firmly in the on position of course!