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Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise Review – Visually eccentric and practically insane rhythmical genius

For many people, their only experience of music-based games is well-known titles such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band, both of which are entertaining but even fans of these titles would say they have been done to death by now. Grabbing miniature versions of instruments and using them as controllers to pop out a simulated solo that requires a fraction of the actual skill needed to actually play the song has simply gotten a little old by now, so one… Read more

The Last Stand: Union City

It isn’t exactly everyday that a zombie apocalypse happens, that is unless you are in the flash world that is. Zombies seem to be taking over in a big way amongst flash game circles, with titles such as 13 Days After: Survival offering up some first-person shooter action involving lots of guns and the undead advancing on your position.

Be a Clever Handy Man in Escape the Bathroom

While other characters get stuck in mysterious basements, eerie islands or even heavily guarded jail cells, Escape the Bathroom places you in the most common room of all: a stinky bathroom. With the exit blocked by intimidating lasers, your challenge is to escape the confines of the toilet. You must utilize common household items and do a little plumbing if you are to triumph over this particularly smelly confinement.

Tackling the Obstacles in Earn to Die

As we have mentioned, Earn to Die by Toffee Games has several obstacles blocking you from reaching the helicopter. It will take more than just super-upgrading your car to overcome these challenges, instead, it also takes a bit of maneuvering and skill to efficiently get past all these little problems while using the least amount of gas possible. After all, not matter how big your gas tank is, if you keep wasting your supply, you will eventually run out of… Read more

Orchestrated Death Walkthrough

Orchestrated Death is a fun game where you play the grim reaper and it is your job to kill several innocent people and make it look like an accident. This of course won’t be easy but with our mini walkthrough to the game you should get the job done!

Explosive Weapons in Raze 2

Explosive weapon types have the extra benefit of providing players with a gratuitous and resounding boom, as well as dealing out plenty of damage to the target and the nearby area. This splash damage effect will dish out plenty of damage to those caught within the blast and it provides players with the easiest way to score a double or even triple kill. One thing players have to be careful about however is that splash damage overrides the game’s friendly… Read more

Bejeweled Twist

You will have to go far to find any casual gamer that has never heard of the popular series of bejeweled series before. This time we will look at bejeweled twist, how does it differ from other bejeweled games, and also and more importantly other puzzle games in its genre. The substantial change comes in the word twist, instead of clicking one gem and clicking one next to it to flip their positions this time you rotate four gems clockwise…. Read more

Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove Walkthrough

Fresh off the case at Ravenhearst Manor, the Mystery Case Files gang fling themselves right back in the action, as players find themselves along a snowy, rural road near Blackpool, England. Stalled in a snowstorm, players find themselves alone and without resources on this country lane. Upon investigation of a nearby abandoned car, players find a video camera and tape documenting the beginning of a journey of four graduate students, who are trying to prove that an old Celtic legend… Read more

Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove

This game is the last chapter in the Mystery Case Files series so far. The events in the game take place right after Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst. Upon solving the case from the last game, you find yourself trapped in a remote village of Dire Grove; this is due to a terrible snowstorm. As you get yourself nearer to the village, there are many abandoned cars with notes inside, which reveal unsettling information about the village and some… Read more

Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst

The saga of Emma Ravenhearst continues in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst. It seems that the supernatural force that murders Emma is still not caught. Therefore, you are back in the manor to solve the case once and for all. This time, you pay a visit to the transformed manor. In this game there are over 150 puzzles to solve, the biggest number of puzzles in the series to date. Different from the previous games in the series, you… Read more

Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate

Your journey as a master detective on the Mystery Case Files games continues as you soon learn that you have been hired by a carnival owner, by the name of Madame Fate. Apparently, she has witnessed her own death in the future and asks you prevent it from happening, by catching the murderer before it is too late. The main part of this games game play involves you searching every part of the carnival. What sets it apart from other… Read more

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst

In Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst, you take a break from the usual petty crime solving; you will instead embark on a mystery thriller ride in the scenic English countryside. In this game, you have to solve the mystery of Ravenhearst manor. In trying to solve the mystery, you will explore and scour different rooms in the Ravenhearst manor searching for clues and objects that can assist you in piecing Emma’s diary together, which holds the key to the dark secrets… Read more

Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects

The hotly anticipated sequel to the best-selling Mystery Case Files: Huntsville, this game does not disappoint. Continuing the tradition in the series, you remain in the role of the master detective. However, after making it big in the old village, you move on up through the ranks and are sent to the Capital Town. Things turn sour when the largest diamond in the world, ‘the World’s Hope,’ has been stolen while being displayed in the city Plaza. It is your… Read more

Mystery Case Files: Huntsville

Mystery Case Files: Huntsville is often dubbed as the game that catapulted the genre into the level of popularity that it stands in right now. In Mystery Case Files: Huntsville, you play the role of a rookie detective trying to solve various unusual crimes that have been troubling your village. With every case you solve you become closer to gaining reputable status within your community. Do not forget that this is the mother of all hidden object games, as it… Read more