You will have to go far to find any casual gamer that has never heard of the popular series of bejeweled series before. This time we will look at bejeweled twist, how does it differ from other bejeweled games, and also and more importantly other puzzle games in its genre.

The substantial change comes in the word twist, instead of clicking one gem and clicking one next to it to flip their positions this time you rotate four gems clockwise. In this game you can also make a change to the screen without making a match, previously on other bejewelled games the only time you could move a gem was to make a match. This brings in a whole new side to bejeweled games, instead of it being a clicking game it is now much more tactical because you can plan ahead, instead of just one move after another.

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In all bejeweled games your ultimate goal is to score points based on the amount of gems you clear from the screen, to clear the gems you must align three or more in a row, the more gems you knock off at the same time the higher points you receive. Here is a summary of how many points you will get:

Gems score:

3 gems in a row = 50 points.
4 gems in a row = 100 points.
5 or more gems in a row = 200 points.

Here you can see that for each additional gem you match up you are awarded double points (up to five, ) so if you see a possibility of a massive combo then it might be in your interest to see if it is worth the hassle.

There are two different ways you can score on bejeweled twist: points and starts, when you complete a row you are awarded points, however, when you complete levels you are awarded stars.

Bejewelled twist has brought in a variety of new modes; let’s take a look at some of the modes here:

Classic mode.

Classic mode is the starting block for all bejeweled players; destroy all the regular gems and some new additions including the bomb gem and doom gems.

Zen mode.

Zen mode brings a lighter side to bejeweled twist, the stress-free mode if you like, simply play the game without any additions. This can be a useful spot to get started before jumping into the harder modes.

Blitz mode.

Maybe it is the exact opposite that you are looking for? Well when you unlock the blitz mode, you can get down to some serious business; it is a frantic five minutes of point scoring, block busting fun.

Challenge mode.

The challenge mode is a personal favourite of mine. Unlike the other modes you have to progress through a series of tests and challenges, and there are a massive 104 challenges to progress through before you get to the end.

Apart from the obvious development in the way you twist your gems from Pop Cap Games; the developers of Bejeweled Twist have concentrated on the game modes and therefore the longevity of the game has increased significantly. For me, with the addition of so many modes means there is something for every gamer and if you have been hooked by bejeweled before then it is likely that you will love all the different modes.

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