While other characters get stuck in mysterious basements, eerie islands or even heavily guarded jail cells, Escape the Bathroom places you in the most common room of all: a stinky bathroom. With the exit blocked by intimidating lasers, your challenge is to escape the confines of the toilet. You must utilize common household items and do a little plumbing if you are to triumph over this particularly smelly confinement.

Due to this being a part of the Afro-Ninja Escape Series, there are no elaborate plots to explain your predicament. It is a straightforward challenge and what you see is what you get. However, if you wish to take a peek into the mind of the creator, he made a prequel parody video. “Trapped in an Escape Game” features the Afro-Ninja himself, as he attempts to get out of a locked bathroom, much like your predicament in this escape title. It does not spoil anything in the game, but it may give you an idea of what actions to try once you launch Escape the Bathroom.

In terms of the puzzle variety, the offerings in this title are limited to riddles and simple logic. There are no lengthy word puzzles nor are there code cracking sequences hidden throughout. Not to worry though, the flow of the game is smooth and the challenge is at a medium level thanks to the cleverly hidden essential objects.

With a keen eye for detail (or intended lack thereof) you may finish the game in about 20 minutes. The clues are straightforward, with available items being utilized for, more or less, their intended purpose. Due to their reckless nature, a few sequences in this game may not be suitable for players who are still too young and curious. Otherwise, the game is perfect for those who are looking to challenge themselves.

A walk-through is provided at the lower right hand corner of the game itself but we urge you to finish it by yourself and experience Escape the Bathroom to the fullest.

With its cartoony, somewhat rough illustrations, the delivery of this escape game is not the most polished, yet it works as expected. The images and animation sequences look to be Flash-drawn, which means that the proportions are not so pretty. For the most part, you will be kept company by the ambient sound of a clock ticking. There are a few sound clips, which keep scenarios, such as flushing the loo, realistic.

If you are looking for an intriguing story with some breath taking illustrations, this game may not be for you. However, if you are simply looking forward to an interesting challenge that goes straight to the heart of the game, then Escape the Bathroom is the perfect fit. While for the most part, the situation is silly, there is a tinge of danger when handling a combination of the items scattered throughout this imaginary water closet. Be brave, escape your confines and do not try the scenes at home.